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Automatic Liquid Shoe Brush

Automatic Liquid Shoe Brush

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Features: This cleaning brush features a push button liquid dispenser for effortless use.
The dense and soft bristles of this cleaning brush provide a deep clean without damaging the material of your shoes.

Quality Material: Constructed using superior ABS and TPR materials, this product features a hanging design to ensure a dry and odorless fixture. 

Soft Brush Bristles: Brush bristles are designed to be flexible, allowing them to clean shoes and clothes effectively while being gentle and ensuring no damage is done.

Length: Measuring 17cm in length and 4.5cm in width, the Multifunction Cleaning Shoe Brush offers a superior liquid container seal, ensuring leak-proof operation. This brush is ideal for tidying floors, garments, jeans, and sinks.

Design: Molandi color coordination perfectly complements its practical cleaning brush design. Making it an aesthetically pleasing and practical daily tool, bringing daily joy to your life.

Hang Hole Design: Portable hanging design allows for easy storage; Draining capabilities keep the brush dry and sanitary.
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